Your free start menu
For Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Free Classic Start Menu
You can install this to operate your windows as per Windows XP / Windows 7 or even Windows 2000 similar start menu if you have it
Add Your Shortcuts
You can add your local shortcuts on it via your personal folder. Just drag or create your shortcut in it
Common Used Applications
Such as network connections, control panel, paint, notepad, My Computer, Internet Explorer can be easily access
All Programs
The only feature which you misses throughout Windows 8 to 10. This is the life-saver for you
Show and Maximize
This is good for you if you do not like the alt+tab if you have too many windows with too-short description to tell you what window you have currently
Power Button Menu
Fastest start menu in the world as you do not need to go to click the start button but by pressing ALT+Q. Faster access to your shutdown, restart, Hibernation, Sleep/Suspend your PC
Cloud Start Menu
You may preset Start Menu over the cloud or network upto 16 apps/ share folder/ printers/ web links which make you / your employees or staff to be easy to access. Save time to learn, Save cost.
Cloud Startup your Apps
The only feature which you may preset for you or your employee or staff what to open during startup. This can save you a thousand clicks of your life on the PC a year
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